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About Us

Crazy Merman

     Welcome to Crazy Merman, we are a value-oriented online company that specializes in luxurious brush soap. Our mission is to offer our customers fast and easy access for quality brush soap.

      Crazy Merman, was created in response to the growing demand for quality brush soap. We provide quality service that exceeds industry standards. Crazy Merman's handmade brush soaps begin with a cruelty-free, vegan base of natural ingredients and essential oils. Their fusion of coconut and olive oil removes makeup from natural and synthetic brushes, leaving them luxuriously soft, clean and conditioned. Because of their lack of harsh chemicals, Crazy Merman soaps are also perfect for cleaning beauty sponges and other tools.
Our goal is to be your ​ choice for all your brush cleaner. If you are looking for a reliable brush soap, look no further, Crazy Merman is here for you.
Available scents:
Calla Lily
Lavender Basil
Guava Fig
For any inquires ​
Contact us via email at: