Be Legendary, Be Humble, Be a Crazy Merman
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Crazy Merman Brush soap

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I be soapin’, I be soapin’, when my makeup brushes get filthy na na. (Read in the tune of Drunk in Love by Beyonce)

Hello there! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am the Crazy Merman soap maker extraordinaire, thank you very much. I have been making soap for just over a year and have learned so much along the way. Some days were mush (literally) and other days were amazing, just like seeing a Merman in the deep blue sea. I became interested in natural soap making because it it doesn’t have the harmful toxic chemicals store-bought soaps contain. I became a soap maker through the Soap Making Studio taught by Kerri Mixon, a 16th generation soap maker.

I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, and just recently had the opportunity to move to Texas. The closest beach to me about five hours away, it does make for a good road trip, but I miss smelling the salty air and feeling the ocean breeze.

In fact, the Crazy Merman name was inspired by how much I love the sea. Crazy Merman was created in response to the growing demand in quality brush soap and cleansing bars. My mission is to create the best brush cleaner that cleans and conditions the bristles of makeup brushes, keeping them luxuriously soft. My soaps are perfect for treating all types of brushes and will help you extend the lifespan of your favorite beauty tool.

Crazy Merman will continue to offer new products moving forward, such as new soap varieties, body scrubs and potentially lip balm. Depending on my company’s success, as well as what I discover in the innovation process, the company should have a variety of new products rolling out in the next few months so it is a good idea to check back often.

I put hand-crafted quality into everything I do and believe in using only the highest quality ingredients. I hope that you will love Crazy Merman soaps just as much as I do! Your feedback is welcome!

Contact Crazy Merman today to learn more about my products, business, or to provide us with some feedback on our products.

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